I´m now in the Filmbuisness since more then 23 Years ago. I start as Cameraassist on 16 & 35 mm. As Cameraassist i work for commercials , feature film , cinema and TV-films.The biggest Movie where i work was "MIssion Impossible" with Tom Cruise.  Since 13 Years I´m a Austrian profesional Dronepilot with all Licences. All our drones are certified by Austro Control.

Our Drone Services are not just flying drones. We build also Drones with all specification for the Austrian Rules / Austro Control. Our Droneoperators have all the highest trainings and a lot of Expirience. We are the Austrian Drone Pilots for every Project. Our smallest drone DJI Inspire 2 with the X5 Camera or X7 Camera and all Lenses for it.If we need to carry the Alexa Mini or the Red with nice Prime Lenses we us for this the Freefly Alta X8 with Mövie stabilistion System from Amerika . For the Austrian Training Center " WIFI" we make the drone courses. 

Freefly Alta X8 Heavy Lifter for Arri Alexa / Red /Prime Lenses / MÖVI

DJI M600 Pro with Ronin MX for RED 8K & Prime Lenses