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Showreel 2018 Aerialshots

Austrian Drone Pilots by Bananamovie!

3D Animation - 3D Mapping



Med Campus Graz

Aerialshots by Bananamovie.

Mercedes G Commercial

Aerialshots by Bananamovie.

"What will children say"

The music video for the song "What will children say" (composer and lyricist — Helena J.).

Car service "Carget"

Introductory video to the site of rent a car service "Carget".  Using the most modern equipment.

Project "Mind games"

Video, made to show what is the project "Mind games". Video is filmed, using stop motion technology.

"ABC Furniture"

Video about the new year discounts at chain stores. "ABC Furniture" — federal chain of supermarkets, furniture offers a huge selection of furniture.